This quiz is designed to tell you how compatible you are with me...or at least how good you are at guessing my answers.

It's Friday night. What are you gonna do?

Go get wasted!
Go street racing.
Go to a huge party and dance all night.
Go see a local rock show.
Meet up with some people and go to a friends house.

What is your favorite type of music?

Country is the best.
Whatever is on the pop charts.
I like punk, emo and ska.
Just give me some rock, especially the classics.
I love rap. word!

What is your favorite brand of clothes?

Wal-Mart all the way.
American Eagle
The Gap
Does it matter?

You have some free time. What do you do?

Listen to some music.
Read a book or maybe surf the internet.
Plant my ass in front of the tv and "veg out".
Talk on the phone.
Hah, I never have free time.

What is your favorite website?
I love checkin' out the websites for my favorite rappers.
I love AOL Teen Chat! or, of course.

Do you like sports?

Sometimes my friends and I play some games, but not often.
I love sports...I'm a cheerleader!
I love em! I play football, baseball, hockey, polo, and one day.
I play a couple sports, but nothing serious.
I watch sports sometimes.

Do you like cartoons?

They're too silly for me, so no.
Yeah right, cartoons are for babies.
Cartoons? No. Anime? Yes!
Of course, it's part of a well-balanced breakfast.
Nah, but I used to.

If you suddenly got $5000, what would you do?

Buy some things for me and some gifts for others.
Invest it.
Throw the biggest party ever...drugs and alcohol for everyone!
Buy a lot of new designer clothes.
Spend a little and save the rest.

What is your favorite movie?

Meet the Feebles.
The Fast and the Furious.
Redneck Zombies.
Fight Club.
Ever heard of The Big Lebowski?

Do you have a sense of humor?

I like jokes but I usually don't understand them.
It depends on my mood.
I love laughing and making others laugh too.
Yeah, I love toilet humor!

Finally, what is your favorite color?

Brown...maybe gray.