I am a weather a meteorology major, I felt compelled to make this... This quiz is designed to tell you what weather phenomenon you are. Enjoy!

You get angry at someone...what are you gonna do?

Approach the situation calmly.
Give them a cold, hard stare.
Whirl around until they are destroyed.
Electrocute them! ha!

What are your primal elements?

Water vapor and wind!
Electrons...all electrons.
Good ol' water.
Mostly air and some photons.

Choose your favorite activity:

Getting other people wet.
Destruction! All must die!
Reading or some other quiet activity.
Shoveling snow.
Flipping a light switch on and off...a million times.

What is your ideal summer job?

Anything where I get to use a leaf blower.
Working for the power company.
Lifeguard at the local pool.
Working at a library maybe...or writing stuff.
Sno-cone maker.

Describe your personality:

Destructive and dynamic.
Calm and laid back.
Cold as ice.
I cry a lot.

What stupid thing did you do as a kid?

I was the kid that always almost drowned in the pool.
Got stuck in the refrigerator.
I Stuck my fingers in to electrical sockets.
I didn't do anything that stupid.
Spun around until I was dizzy and fell over.

Tell me about your shoes:

They're snowboots.
What about them? They're just shoes.
They're soggy and full of water.
I like 'em flashy!
I have two worn out shoes that don't match.

You want revenge on someone. How do you get it?

Flatten their trailer home.
Make sure they get sunburned.
Make them cold and knock their roof in.
Bother them for forty days and forty nights.