Well, in order to have a "Frequently Asked Questions" Page, I'd have to have someone who is asking questions.

But I don't. So a more appropriate title for this page would be "Questions Nobody Asked but I Thought of and Answered Anyway!"

That name makes sense but is really long... So welcome to (in)Frequently Asked Questions!

Why aren't there pictures of Alan naked here?
Jesus, why does everything on the internet deal with porn in some way? The reason that you're not going to see naked pictures of me on the internet is that I'm not going to charge you $19.95 a month for access. That is, I'm not running a porn site (yet). That, and who the hell wants to see me naked? You sickos.....

Did you write the Lebowski Quiz yourself?
The content of the quiz was written by Sean and myself. I wrote the code and made the images.

When will there be another quiz?
Someday when I have time and ideas. If you'd like to contribute ideas, go leave feedback!

I hate your quiz!
Not much of a question, but my answer would be not to take it. This isn't a Professional Quiz-taking Service after all...

What did you use to make this site?
Wordpad for writing the content, Paint Shop Pro 7.0 for the graphics, and a lot of caffiene and sugar.

Who hosts your website?
I use iPowerWeb. They are quite good and I'd recommend them. That and they are pretty cheap at 7.95 a month. Even I can afford that somehow.